Welcome to the first, official electric scooter racing league website

This UK based racing league is a new and exciting sport that is not only new, fun and exhilarating, but it brings the latest in electrical technology to deliver an environmentally friendly form of motor sport.

The UK’s official electric scooter racing league community is here!

This membership lead league is the first of its type in the UK and possibly the world. We have many different leagues to suit every ability, whilst keeping the racing competitive exciting and most importantly safe. In addition, we believe that building and promoting a responsible, safe and sustainable community of electric scooter enthusiast’s is paramount to the success and continued use of this alternative mode of sport and transport.

We welcome all abilities and all ages over 18. In addition there is no need for for any special makes of scooter. We Can accommodate all major brands including, Dualtron, Nami, Vsett, Kaabo, Apollo etc. So sign up now for some of the most fun to be had on two wheels.

ESRL is based on at Ellough park raceway in Suffolk England. It’s an established go-kart track that holds many events from go-kart championships to British minibike championships. This has enabled the ESRL to develop an understanding of what’s needed to establish this fantastic new league, whilst ensuring that the racing remains safe, consistent, sustainable.

In addition we have partnered up with some key sponsors to enable us to continuously supply and develop new technologies that will ultimately help to progress the sport for years to come.

ESRL Feature

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ESRL membership

Do you want to be part of the newest racing sport in the UK? Check out our membership and what benefits you can get.

  • Access up to 10 official race events per year*
  • Free personal accident insurance**
  • Up to 18 months subscription for the price of 12 months***
  • Access to a community of like minded enthusiast’s
  • Opportunities to be part of this growing league and organisation
  • Discounts and offers with our official sponsors EV-tek and e-ridez
  • Information on the official safety and league requirements
  • Access to other e-scooter events including meet ups and social gatherings
  • And much more…

Apply for membership here for only £150 per year. Terms and conditions apply

* We aim to have up to 10 race events per membership year however this cannot be guaranteed due to Covid, weather conditions and unforeseen events
** Insurance is for a maximum of 10 races that are undertaken by the ESRL. Strict esrl safety rules must be adhered to at all times.
*** Your membership won’t start until the first race event is confirmed

Electric Scooter Racing League

About us

The Electric Scooter Racing League was established in April 2021 by Richard Gapper. Richard has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and has not only established an electric scooter retail outlet but has also developed new and exciting electric scooters and bikes.

After years of racing scooters and planning for the league he took the step to set ESRL up and aims for it to be the front runner for amateurs and pros alike to enjoy this awesome new form of racing.

Electric Scooter Racing League